keskiviikko 12. huhtikuuta 2017

"Tralala -Un air de Printemps"-Sweet little stitching etc...

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Anteeksi tämä tauko -olen ollut kiireinen koti ja toimistohommissa  ja järjestänyt asioitani koska menen 24.4 jalkaoperaatioon.
Siksikin halusin pistellä jotain iloisen hyväntuulista kuten tuo Tralalan pieni kaunotar...jonka viimeistelin koristetyynyksi.

Hello all my followers!!

I am sorry but I have been very busy doing everything that must have been done before 24.4 when I will have an Operation to my right feet.The Arthritis is very bad on it.To keep my spirit up when waiting for operation I have been stitching some pretty small Tralalas "Un Air de Printemps" and Old time roses for Swedish  kit that is called "The rose Lantern "

I am very sorry that I have not commented very many blogs lately but I am sure I will be active after my operation because it will take long time for my feet to heale after I will have lots of time for stitching and blogging.

Enjoy the becoming  Easter Season and say a little prayer for me...

With Blessings Lumiruusu

10 kommenttia:

  1. Lovely stitching. Hope the surgery goes well. Sending healing wishes to you.

  2. Katsella ympärilleen iloa! Juci suukkoja :)

  3. Your stitching is so beautiful Maija. I am sorry you are suffering such pain my friend. I am praying. Happy, Blessed Easter to you all!

  4. Upeuksia.

    Ihanaa Pääsiäisen Aikaa Sinulle

  5. Surgery coming soon! Wish you all the best sweetie, everything will turn out great :) Hope you'll recover well and feel better really soon. Huge hug!!!

  6. wish you all the best sweet friend.
    sending you love and prayers.

  7. I always love your posts , beautiful stitching.
    You are in my prayers sweet friend , get better soon and that the pain will be all gone.

  8. Beautiful stitching and good luck with the surgery! I am sure you will be feeling better soon x

  9. Such wonderful pieces that you stitched before your surgery.
    I hope that everything went well and that you are on the mend. Thinking of you ....

  10. I am sad about the Arthritis. My Rheuma Juvenilis has been more or less nasty the whole year. I have better and worse days. I am glad I am able to make needlepoint, though. It cheers me up. I wish you all the success. (I write from the future, so to speak, but I read in chronological order.)