lauantai 11. helmikuuta 2017

Lizzie Kate A bit of February Needleroll

 Hei taas blogi-ystävät!

Sain valmiiksi Lizzie Katen.A bit of February työn ja viimeistelin sen pieneksi "neularullaksi" vai miten lie Needleroll pitäisi kääntää?

Kangas on 18 ct aidaa .langat ihan oman maun mukaan...

Tässä työ yhdessä Mari.V.n sydänkoristeiden kanssa

Helmikuussa Azaleat saapuvat kauppoihin-ihastuin niin tähän kaksiväriseen kaunottareen...


Hello my stitching friends!
I finished "A bit of February" as a Needroll -the fabric is 18 count pale pink aida and I choosed all colors of the floss from my stash.especially I like the very light pink in the heart motif. It is Nina.s Thread called Peony.

In the second picture my needleroll is with two heart shaped ornaments my dear stitching friend
 Mari V. has stitched to me.

In my country the flowers in the last picture are called Azalea -they always come for shops at February.

Thank you for the comments,
with Blessings.Lumiruusu

10 kommenttia:

  1. What a pretty pink post! I love your February stitching and the way you made it up as a needleroll :) Wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day ♥♥♥

  2. Yay! You know I love all this pink! ♥ What sweet, sweet finishes! Your hearts are so perfect Maija! Lovely! God bless you my friend. 🐩

  3. That needleroll is very lovely. I have one I have yet to make for July.

  4. You know how much I love your pretty blog and your lovely pink stitching just beautiful.

  5. Another pink collection. The needleroll is perfect for February. I always love your flowers.

  6. Everything is so pretty! And you did a lovely job on your needleroll. : )

  7. What a great idea to make a needle roll with this monthly design by L*K. It's perfect.
    The azalea are wonderful flowers and they have such a nice colour - especially when you look at them during the winter.

  8. Lovely needleroll =)
    Here those flowers are called Azaleas too, I had white ones in my garden! very pretty :)