sunnuntai 10. heinäkuuta 2016

Scissorfob and and some paper crafting too :)

Hei taas!

Pistelin ystävälle Almedahs Handarbeten pienen kitin ja mini-taulun sijaan viimeistelin  ruusutyön saksikoristeeksi.

Tässä työ saksien kanssa...

Työn takana on  pieni hopea-enkeli...

Mukavaa loppukuuukautta blogi-ystävät!

Hello again!
This time I start with some more pics...

From the Charity  Shop I found these heart shaped  boxes aren't they pretty!

I have get a new crafting friend -she is only nine years old -my friends DD !!! We had one super fun day when I teached her some basics of  card making and she is so  very clever!! You should have seen how pretty cards she made  She will visit me again after we will have spent our annual  holiday by  The Lake  Lappajärvi.

This is the note book I made her so we can every time write some lines about what we have learned  :)
I was very pleased when Miss O. liked her note book a lot.
It is also possible that we trye to learn some cross stitching too together. I have already found some pretty super easy kits that I will order to her after I get a permission from her DM.

With Blessings,Lumiruusu

11 kommenttia:

  1. The rose scissor fob is very special and sweet.
    God bless you Maija for the wonderful influence you are in the young ladies life. Have fun together! Her notebook is pretty.

  2. Love the little scissor fob and the boxes too! Great to influence the younger ones also.

  3. Lovely scissor fob. Its wonderful that you are teaching a kid how to craft.

  4. Your little fob is darling--such beautiful colors! Hope you are enjoying your summer :)

  5. Everything look so sweet with your pink theme. Your pillow of roses is so adorable.
    Happy Summer !

  6. What a dainty and pretty little scissor fob! And what fun for you to have someone to craft with!

  7. Such a sweet little scissor fob. I love this design a lot.
    How great for you that you have found a new paper crafting friend. It's always so nice when you can do these things together. And your little friend will be so happy about the notebook you made for her.

  8. Teitpä kauniin saksikoristeen, ruusumallit ovat aina yhtä viehkeitä. Ihana on myös muistikirja, niin herkkä ja tyttömäinen.

  9. Each blog post I read I see more pretties :o)
    Hugs xx