torstai 14. tammikuuta 2016

Lizzie Kate -A Bee C,limited edition kit

Hei taas !

Vaihdoin tästä Kirsiltä aikoinaan saamstani  LK mallista mukana olleen kankaan keltaiseen DMC.N
bling-bling aidaan ja viimeistelin työn tagaiksi joka on sakasikoristeekai.

Taustakangas on hyvin hennon beigeä ja rusetin koisteena on yksi satiiniruusu.

Kiitos kaikista kommenteistanne ja paljon ihania x-pistoja töihinne toivottelee Rouva Lumiruusu


Hello again !

 I stitched this LK limited edition kit to the 14 count DMC bling-bling aida and added the little Mill Hill beads that were included in  the kit to the flowers.   

This is just a short post but I want to say many ,many thanks for all the nice comments I have get.You really have made my day !! I really enjoy blogging about my stitchings and paper crafts  and I am so happy to know that you all have liked what you have seen here.

With Blessings,Lumiruusu

16 kommenttia:

  1. It's so beautiful
    Sweet finish x

  2. Love the LK stitching so pretty .

  3. Ohhhh que bonito y elegante guarda tijeras !!!!!!!!! te felicito.
    Besos y FELIZ AÑO NUEVO .

  4. Very pretty - your blog is always so lovely.

  5. That is so cute and I love the finish of it.

  6. Sooo lovely and the finishing is perfect. (as always) Sunny greetings from New Orleans, Alice

  7. Sievä pikkupistely viimeistelyineen.

  8. Such pretty colors in your beautiful finish! Really sweet :)

  9. Lovely finish :) hugs&smiles to you

  10. I always love to come here to your blog and to see all the lovely things that you craft. And this little finish that you show today is so beautiful. Very nice finishing.